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Our family was at risk from being torn apart regarding some immigration issues we were facing. We used David Asser in our case and with David’s knowledge of the law and dedication to helping families, he kept us together. If it wasn’t for him, our family would have faced extreme hardships.

David provided a high level of efficiency that was very helpful to our case. His knowledge of immigration laws, work ethic, and attention to detail helped ensure everything was completed, done in a timely manner, and done correctly. His experience and expertise of knowing exactly what evidence to provide, got us a favorable outcome resulting in our family getting to stay here in the US.

What was equally remarkable of his efficiency was his level of commitment and caring for his clients. David took the time to explain things to us so we could fully understand. He didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear and he was always straight with us. He was always there for us anytime we had a question (and we had a lot). Any time we had a question or had an issue, he always responded to our calls and emails very quickly.

David showed a sincere and genuine concern for us as his clients. He worked very hard for us and is highly skilled at what he does. We thank David for keeping us together and will always be grateful to him.

— Anonymous

I would recommend Mr. Asser to everyone who needs to hire an immigration attorney! He is very knowledgeable with all the aspects of immigration law. I hired Mr. Asser to help my husband obtain his Visa and even though his case was very complicated and lengthy, Mr. Asser took care of everything and kept us aware of his case step by step. He was very reasonable with his fees and allowed us to make monthly payments! Mr. Asser made us feel like part of his family and not just a client he was representing. After 30 years of waiting for my husband to get his Visa, Mr. Asser won the case and he made it possible for my husband to become a resident! Thank you Mr. Asser for all of your hard work!!!

— Brenda Marquez

David Asser was tremendously helpful to my family through a difficult time. My brother, having been arrested, was facing possible deportation because he was not a citizen of the United States. This meant that we had to find an immigration lawyer, but we didn’t know where to turn or where to begin. My brother has a daughter as well as the rest of his family here in the United States and we were dealing with the reality that he could be sent back home.

When we first met with David he thoroughly went over the details of case with us, and was honest about where we stood. He didn’t make us any promises, but he did say that he would do whatever he could to help my brother and our family. He was always helpful in answering our numerous questions, and he was extremely patient when discussing the situation with us. He made sure that he was always available by phone, email, and or in person, whether it was to answer a quick question or just to clarify anything that we didn’t entirely understand. David would even travel an hour away to meet with my brother just to speak with him in person.

We were extremely pleased with his commitment and hard work on my brother’s case and the immense amount of compassion he had for our family and our situation. He spent countless hours helping us prepare for the court hearing and he also helped us gather and submit important documents that would later prove valuable in my brother’s hearing.

In the end, the case had a good outcome; my brother was pardoned by the Judge and was granted amnesty, which meant that he was able to stay in the United States and would be able to continue to be a father, brother and son to his daughter and family.

I know that without the knowledge and support that we received from David and his law firm that my brother would not be living in the United States today. My family and I will be forever grateful and indebted to David; I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a lawyer who is honest, hardworking and genuinely cares for his clients.

— K.S.

I'm so happy. Every day since the oath-taking ceremony I think about being a citizen - I wonder how much longer that will continue? :)

The ceremony was very moving and the Immigration Officer who we interviewed with officiated at the event. She remembered me from our interview and her sincere good wishes and enjoyment of my excitement was so very nice.

You probably get this from many of your clients but I want you to know what an important part you played in a profound life-changing event. From your perspective my case might have appeared straightforward but on my side the process had almost as much anxiety as excitement. I can't tell you what a difference your calm reassurance made throughout the process, and how happy I was to have you there with me at the interview. I will never forget that day or your presence with me.

Thank you so very much for all you did, and for your sincere interest in my case.

— John

I applied for a Green Card through the EB-1 program. David has been extremely knowledgable and helpful throughout the process. I especially appreciate him always responding to my emails quickly and he always has time for a phone call. I highly recommend him to anyone for help with their immigration process.

— Saskia, New York

Rebecca helped me get through the US naturalization process with patience and diligence. My case was a little more difficult than most and she kept me informed of the process and set my expectations well. I moved during the process and she flew up to help me in another state - and it cost less than I had researched on my own! The fee she charged was very fair for the work she ended up doing on my case. She came with me and prepped me well. I would recommend Rebecca if you are looking for assistance with naturalization/immigration - she is kind, patient and works hard to make sure every possibility is foreseen and can be handled.

I am now a US Citizen and I thank Rebecca whole-heartedly! I'm hiring her again to handle my mother!

— Anonymous

After a seemingly endless struggle to obtain my permanent resident status, I hired David Asser to assist in resolving my complex immigration issue. I am extremely impressed with David’s expertise, negotiating skills, and most of all, compassion.

I was in the midst of a nearly twenty year struggle with my immigration status before I hired David. David’s thorough understanding of immigration law and all the intricacies of my case allowed David to formulate solutions to my legal issues in obtaining permanent resident status. David is an excellent advisor and friend. David is compassionate, patient, and trustworthy. Because of this, I always knew that David was advising based on my best interests.

Because of David, I am now a permanent resident. I hold David in the highest regard; but more importantly, I consider David a friend.

— Ali P.

My situation in a nutshell: over the course of several years I had been going back & forth between the U.S. and The Netherlands under the 90 day visa waiver program when finally I was denied access on the grounds of being "within the letter of the law but not within the spirit of the law." I was detained and questioned at the border and finally allowed one final entrance if I signed a form testifying that this would be my last visit and I'd leave within 21 days. I decided to stay and thankfully a good friend recommended David.

Based on my particular situation and David's extensive knowledge & experience in this field we determined our course of action. The process was extremely transparent and seamless: there were no unknowns or surprises, we met a few times to go over the particulars, forms were all prepared for filling out & submitting, and I had a temporary work permit in no time.

After this we started the process of obtaining a Green Card, which David once again made into a painless process with a successful outcome. Finally, the "removal of condition" project, where the temporary Green Card turns into a permanent one once again was an extremely smooth process.

In all of these situations my expectations were very well managed: status & progress were clear at any time. I especially appreciated David and his assistants' attentiveness, rapid responses to questions via phone and email, their evidently extensive experience with the institutions involved, and their physical presence at the Green Card interview.

I would recommend David to anyone without hesitation.

— Folkert G.

We are forever grateful for all or your work towards our case. A case that took too many years. During the period you handled our case you always treated us with respect and expressed sincere understanding on all of our challenging ups and downs. Thank you is not enough. I will always keep you in my thoughts. Once before I said that I would be praying for you. May God grant you with understanding and patience towards those of us who so much need honest and good men like you.

— Gloria and Martin V.

I remember reading the testimonial page of David Asser dreaming of one day it being me writing a testimonial and here I am!

I had overstayed my visa waiver by 9 years when we came into the office of David Asser! When we explained our situation to David and he was very honest with us, explaining us what could happen if things were to go south! We had no idea that with a visa waiver that you waive away your rights!

Money was a big issue for us, but David Asser not once asked us for more money in fact he gave us money back! Unlike a lot of lawyers he didn't empty us for all that we had (and didn't have).

With help from my husband's grandma we were able to get the process started, we filed our paperwork in April and in May I received my biometric appointment notice! After the appointment I quickly received my work authorization card and interview appointment notice.

2 weeks prior to the interview we sat down with David Asser & Rebecca McCarthy because on the day of my interview David had to go to court so Rebecca filled in for him to come with me. Just like David she was so helpful I was happy she came with us!

Everything went so quickly, we never expected it to go as smoothly as it did!

We had our interview last week and I can proudly say that I am now a Legal US Resident and that my Green Card should arrive soon!

I would recommend Asser Law to anyone who has immigration issues, the people at Asser Law really care about their clients and never once did I feel like I was below them. Thank you David Asser & Rebecca McCarthy.

— The Webster Family

I sit here today, a green card holder due to the hard work and dedication of one man... David Asser.

Of course, my story like many others was complicated. I was brought here as a child, overstayed my visa, left the country at 18, came back to the US a few months later and never left. I met the man of my dreams while attending college. I told him my situation:

I was what you would call an 'over-stay'... but 'over-stay' would be quite a stretch since I'd over stayed my current visa waiver by about 5 years. After we married, I contacted my Uncle in Atlanta. He is an entrepreneur who sold his business in the US years ago. Let’s just say he knows many people in high places. He contacted his friend/lawyer in Atlanta, told him my situation, thus forwarding my case to a lady in Tucson. She said she would take me on, but the costs would also have to include travel and lodging since I reside in Phoenix. She told me that she knew an amazing, hard-working, intelligent and kind lawyer in Phoenix who would be MORE than capable of taking care of me. After much thought and prayer, we called Mr. Asser and set up a meeting. Immediately I liked him. Not only was he knowledgeable about immigration law, he was more than willing to take the time to go through everything with me step by step... the risks, possible outcomes, his experiences with people in my situation and so forth.

My situation was quite risky. Not only was I an over-stay, I over-stayed on a 'Visa-Waiver', which Mr. Asser informed me waived all my rights if things did go south during my interview. Thus, I would have to leave my husband and 1 year old daughter here and continue this journey in the UK. VERY daunting! Once again, my husband and I prayed about it and decided to sell my beloved Cadillac CTS (rather than go into a little more debt:) and go for it. Whenever I had a question, I would call him and speak to him directly... I never got secretaries and answering machines, and even if I did, he would call me back within a couple days and answer all the questions I had. We paid all the government filing fees along with Mr. Asser’s fees (which I might add were beyond fair), filled out the paper work and Asser Law took care of the rest.

Everything went so quick and before I knew it we were sitting in Mr. Assers office a week before my interview date going over everything. My husband was quite nervous for me, but for some reason I wasn't. I had faith in the system, and as Mr. Asser told me, "Samantha, no matter what the outcome may be, be completely prepared, tell the truth and we will get the outcome that is meant to be."

Like I said in the beginning, I sit here today, a green-card holder due to the love, guidance and genuine passion David Asser has for Law itself. Thank you, Mr. Asser for giving me your all... and much much more.

— Samantha Dowling/Crewse

I am married to a USC for over 10 years and because of my complicated immigration case, I was unable to adjust my status all these years. My USC husband's petition was denied 2 times, as well as his hardship waiver application and the succeeding appeal to that waiver.

During the years I was unable to adjust my status, we have been with 3 different immigration lawyers since my USC husband started his immediate relative petition for me. The first lawyer my husband and I hired was very accommodating, however, he was inexperienced to handle my complicated immigration case. He did not tell us the truth of his qualification, or lack of. He was unclear of what steps he wanted us to take next after our I-485 initial application was denied.

The second lawyer, whom we thought was a very experienced lawyer this time, gave up on us after our hardship waiver application and appeal were both denied. He always seemed too busy and didn't have time to re-examine our hardship waiver on why it got denied. After ensuring we paid all what we were supposed to pay for his service, he abruptly dropped our case.

Then, we found our third lawyer who took us immediately under his counsel. He returned my phone call immediately and discussed our case with the USCIS. After he laid out the monthly retainer's fees and asked for a hefty down payment, he promised to help us with our immigration case. Then, he suggested we wait, which went on for several months. Meanwhile, the monthly bills kept coming and, since we thought we were in good hands, we kept on paying, including the hefty down payment for his service was also paid up front.

Finally, he said he wanted us to see the IJ in person so that our case could be heard better, however, he did not say how. My husband and I were a little confused, but we trusted him, thinking that he might know a better way to resolve our immigration problem. Unfortunately, the wait was long and there was no IJ meeting. The last time we heard of him, his office was being investigated for massive fraud.

It was at this point that our frustrations, increasing desperation and mistrust in finding an honest and capable immigration lawyer who could help us felt beyond our reach. While the most important issue was solving my immigration problem, the stress of our savings being drained for having paid exorbitant legal fees with no resolve in sight was also heartbreaking.

I believe an angel came to our rescue when we found on-line our fourth lawyer, Mr. David Asser. It was through the many positive testimonials written about him from his past clients that led me to call him. The price of not giving up in finding the best lawyer has paid us great rewards.

My husband and I just wished we could have found Mr. Asser early on. He did not impress us by promising a positive result instantly, but he did show us compassion, honesty and an understanding of our difficulty. His main focus was to help us with our case in the simplest possible and positive way. He told us the truth of what to expect. At the same time he worked tirelessly and diligently to find every little chance according to the law we might have in getting our application approved.

Our letters and e-mails were always received and phone calls were returned in a timely manner. After he examined and reviewed our case, he decided that we re-submit our application. The great difference this time was that we had to gather as much supporting documents as we could to give a stronger base for our case and with a backup plan. We did exactly what we were told and he did not give up on us, even if there were times we felt that we might not have a chance.

To Mr. Asser, we were not just another case number or source of money who he could ignore as he pleases. Sure enough, Mr. Asser with his full knowledge of immigration laws succeeded and he got our application approved. He provided us with the best and professional immigration assistance we ever had in over ten years. His professional demeanor did not end with us, he was always professional and optimistic to the employees at USCIS office.

At last, my husband's petition was approved and I now have my GC. I cannot wait to attend my Naturalization Ceremony in a few years and this is all because of Mr. Asser's expertise in the field.

While our plight in having our immigration application approved was long and stressful, our lives have changed for the better and Mr. Asser brought back our trust in both the legal and immigration system. My husband and I are very grateful for Mr. Asser's help and highly recommend him and his team to anyone anytime. To Mr. Asser and his team, thank you!

— Sue and John, Arizona

Thank you, is certainly the best way for me to start this short statement. I was pleased and honored to be represented by Mrs. Fabienne Fitzpatrick who filed my application for a green card. In comparison with other people who went through similar process, I was extremely lucky to have a regular follow-up and all the help I needed (anytime) on my case. Fabienne did a terrific job, and thanks to her full dedication and efficiency I got approved in a very short period of time. I HIGHLY recommend her assistance for any immigration matter. Thank you again.

— Dr. Mehdi Bettahar

Some times you never think you need help and then a crisis occurs that breaks your heart and soul. This is what happened to us. We thought there was no reason to have a lawyer to get through the immigration process and gain permanent residency. This was a simple case of an American citizen marrying a woman from China. We are honest people and were trying to follow the rules. Events happened such that we found ourselves facing the direst of circumstances and deportation.

We were in China at the time and faced a difficult road simply to return to the United States to attempt to have a hearing to reopen the case. An honest mistake stemming from a single letter that did not reach us had led to a personal and very emotional crisis.

A friend found David through a series of connections and it was our lifeline to some hope. His caring attitude and willingness to help in every way possible made us feel we would somehow be all right. We kept saying “our lawyer will” and we believed it sincerely until after step-by-step we had the case reopened and ultimately had the permanent residency. It was a combination of aggressiveness and politeness that we saw in David and that helped bolster both of us. We returned home from China and an excruciating experience with Custom and Border Protect at the Los Angeles Airport.

After a twelve hour flight, eight hours held until CBP could make some determination on our case, and about two hours of sleep over a two day period, we were blessed with a humanness of a lawyer who drove to our home to meet with us. 

In an otherwise insane world of CBP and BCIS, we had someone who understood what it meant to care. In the darkness of that moment, we felt we had a person who believed we were going to be able to “fix” things.

We will always be grateful for the service that David provided. We have a marriage that was real and as honest people we never believed the government of the United States could treat us to badly. Yet, in all of that there was a man who was kind and not only provided legal advice but cared for us as people knowing that we deserved to be treated fairly by the process.

We have begun to tell our story of “uncharted waters” in a blog. We welcome people to read about us and our experiences with immigration. A story that is bitter and painful for us to share but we feel compelled to do so because it illustrates why immigration reform is so necessary. However, it is a reform far deeper in terms of what the United State government must do. It must turn a program from where it is today into one that has a sense of humanness.

There is a wonderful Chinese word. It is “ren” and it is the heart of what Confucius taught several thousand years ago. It means humane, benevolence and humanness. That is the nature of reform we believe is necessary for immigration to be meaningful in the global world today. If anyone encounters the immigration process and feels the bitterness and pain that we felt, we encourage them to find David and his character of “ren” and it will change their outlook.

— Anonymous

A Good Lawyer is Hard to Find

If all lawyers were like David Asser, bad-lawyer jokes would cease to exist. Not only is he an expert in the field, David is one of those increasingly rare to find individuals who actually do what he promises.

By sheer luck David was recommended to us at a time when we had given up on lawyers. Our first one had taken our money and for one year had kept telling us that he was “working” on our case. He seldom answered our phone calls, and when he did, he proceeded to instruct us not to worry. I worry when people tell me not to. And I this case my worries were not justified.

In the end it is not important how many accolades I will heap on him. Yes, he is courteous and decent, besides being an extremely bright, reliable and competent lawyer. But all that needs to be said is that he provides the best service anyone could wish for.

Our second lawyer listened to our tale of woe and listed the things she would do for us. But her quoted flat fee soon turned into a growing fat fee. She too seemed far more interested in signing up new clients than actually representing our interests. If it had not been for David Asser’s intervention, she would have neglected to file crucial paper with the INS on time, meaning our request would have been rejected.

Where two lawyers before him had dawdled, David Asser wasted no time. Within hours he advised us which course of action should be taken. And thanks to this advice we received our green cards.

If only we had run into him before.

— Elisa and Pum Rote, Prescott

David helped us through the difficult process of obtaining a E2-visa for the US. He did this with great effort, an excellent insight on procedures and with great result. David Asser is consistent, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. He has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done.

I highly recommend him.

— Hans Perukel, New York USA

It was a sad day that I had to call David. Having to leave the US to attend a funeral was hard but it was even harder, because I was going at a moment that my Visa had expired and there was no way anybody could guarantee my return. If I couldn’t come back I also risked losing my job at the same time. I even got in touch with a US Senator in order to assist me with the INS to no avail.

David, not only a great attorney but also a compassionate person at all times, was of great help to me. He verified all the paperwork that was needed and even created a back-up plan with an immigration attorney in The Netherlands. Thankfully, my new L1 Visa was issued within 4 hours after I entered the US consulate in Amsterdam. David totally came through and every time I speak to friends and colleagues who have immigration needs I tell them that David Asser is the man to call, no matter what country you are from.

Based on my initial experience with David I also consulted him on the proceedings to obtain my permit for permanent residence or “Greencard”. With David’s help I was able to get permanent residence status for myself and my family within a year-and-a half. I can hardly wait for the moment that I will call on him for my citizenship.

— Eric Buitenhuis, General Manager Sofitel

In April, 2003, when I was denied entry into the U.S. after a short trip abroad to attend my mother's final hours and funeral, my husband and I hired David Asser to advocate both my daughter's and my complicated immigration cases with the BCIS.

Through his dedicated and thorough work, both my daughter and I were able to obtain permanent residency despite all the obstacles.

David Asser is well-versed in immigration law, adept at creating a rapport with immigration officials, and thorough and well prepared at every step of the process. In addition, he shows real concern for his clients, and, therefore, works very hard to advocate their cases.

I highly recommend David Asser to anyone needing assistance with their immigration process.

— Anonymous