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Strategize Employee Movements

At my firm I provide consulting and training to companies to help them develop a solid and cost-efficient management system for their global immigration matters.

The number of global movements has increased dramatically over the past 10 years and the globalization of business will only demand more flexibility of companies. You will continue to be confronted with ongoing visa and work permit matters in a variety of countries.

Over the years I have helped companies, large and small, with thousands of visas and work permits in over 60 countries. I helped large software conglomerates, clothing companies, the largest chipmaker, car manufacturers, golf club distributors, entertainment companies and many others in countries in Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin and South America with obtaining visas and employment authorization.

You can bring your global practice under control. You can handle the management in-house with the help of a local counsel and/or service provider in the receiving country.

I’d like to help you bring the costs down and teach you how to manage these processes yourself. When you deal with a volume of global cases my training could save you many thousands of dollars on a yearly basis.

My training will provide you with the tools to initiate, understand, oversee and manage the global movement processes yourself. The tools will allow you to get a grip on costs and to comprehend the assistance that is involved.

I’d like to offer you a global network that you can access yourself without the necessity of engaging a firm in the US which would eliminate the need for any additional case-management fees when matters are initiated. These fees can add thousands of dollars to a case.

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Effective and efficient movement

It’s my experience that most companies don’t have an efficient system in place to properly manage these movements. Therefore the function is usually outsourced to outside providers, such as large immigration law firms, resulting in high costs. This is not an efficient method. You are confronted with third party vendors, because your provider needs to bring in experts in a specific country to process the case. This results into higher costs, delays, lack of oversight and accountability.

The training will make you self-sufficient so you can handle a volume of global movements with the help of your own expert network, without allocating costs to outside vendors who don’t add any value to the process.

I offer you the training on an on-going consulting basis for a pre-arranged fee depending on your needs. In addition I will continue to help you if you need immediate assistance or provide troubleshooting when you encounter problems with a case.

The training would further include: